Megan Blue

As a singer-songwriter, Megan spent years leading a band called The Blue Trees in New Orleans, LA, where she performed all original music, raised over $5,000 to create a professional album, and toured all over the Southern United States.  She has performed at the world renowned Jazz Fest in New Orleans, as well as Festival International in Lafayette, LA, and has had regular radio play on the famous radio station, WWOZ.

Since returning to Salt Lake in 2013, Megan has started a new group called Megan Blue and 3.2; they do a mix of blues, rock, funk, and original music, and perform all over Salt Lake.  Megan Blue and 3.2 play regularly at the Tram Club at Snowbird and The Bayou, as well as holding a residency at The Thirsty Squirrel at Solitude.  She has played at The Garage on Beck multiple times. She often sings with Lake Effect, one of the most popular funk bands in SLC.  With Lake Effect, she has performed at The Spur in Park City many times, as well as The State Room.

Megan can play solo, or can offer a duo, trio, or full band, depending on the needs of your event.  Her versatility makes her a perfect fit for any occasion.

She looks forward to becoming an integral part of the music scene in Salt Lake City.

For booking information, please call 504-617-0225, or email Megan at