Student Recital, October 2016


What do you want to do with your voice?  Are you totally new to singing?  I can teach you the basics.  Are you more advanced?  I can help take you to the next level.

Here is what you will learn to do in our lessons:

  • Increase your range
  • Increase your pitch accuracy
  • Learn how to control the voice with the breath, not the throat
  • Get rid of vocal tension
  • Become more confident performing and auditioning
  • Learn how to write songs
  • Learn how to sing with guitar accompaniment
  • Learn basic music theory, note reading, and rhythms

As a vocal coach, Megan uses her classical training as her base, but understands how to teach and sing all types of music, including pop, rock, musical theater, jazz, and classical music.  As a seasoned veteran, with lead roles in countless Operas and Musicals, Megan focuses not just on making each of her student’s voices shine, but also helps them become comfortable performing on a regular basis.

Megan has taught both private and group classes; she worked for years at The Armstrong School of Music in Austin, TX.  At Armstrong, she taught the very popular group class ‘Music Together’ to young children and their parents.  In addition, she volunteered at the Travis County Juvenile Detention facility for girls, where she led a group vocal class for over 2 years.  Since returning to her Salt Lake roots 3 years ago, she has been growing her vocal studio and now has over 30 loyal students of all ages, who enjoy all styles of music.

Megan focuses on making the voice feel free and easy.  She believes that good singing should feel good, and that everyone has their own unique sound to be cultivated; no one should be put in a box and made to sound like someone else.  In addition to teaching breath control, and proper support for the voice, Megan has helped students become more accurate with pitch, as well as increasing the range of the voice.  She also teaches basic theory and understanding of music to her students, and helps them become more comfortable performing onstage and in auditions.   She loves to help people learn to unlock their song writing potential.  She loves accompanying her students on guitar, and considers that a great asset to her teaching.